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This past school year (2015-2016), over 168,000 school children, teachers and parents across the United States participated and experienced the cultural diversity and rich heritage of Africa!
We are committed to sharing knowledge that helps mentor, strengthen and foster family unity and building long lasting cooperative relationships with community patrons and leaders!
We customize all of our programs to fit your needs, audience, and budget.
The following programs are available to all grades k-12 schools nationwide. Click on any of them for details:
    Music & Movement Workshops
    Facilitated Drum Circles
    Teacher In-Service 
    (Professional Development) 
Programs are also suitable for:
    Early education
    Head start centers
    Adult day care
    MRDD facilities
    Seniors Centers
    Recreation centers. 
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Weekend Classes
Ethnic cooking
African drumming
African dance
Belly Dance
BFIT – Afro Cardio
BFIT – Yoga
BFIT – Zumba
@ The Center
Theatre productions
Music & Movement
Story telling
Center tours
Okoto Kekere
Summer Camp
After School
Exchange travels
Drum repairs
Costume rental
Gallery space
Gift shop
Community vending
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